BDSM London Munch




in London, Ontario, Canada


Originally started many years ago by Lady Lixil and a friend, and Hosted by Dark Angel for the past 13 or so years.



What is a Munch?

A Munch is a relaxed, social get together of like minded people, in a vanilla setting. We meet and have dinner, a few drinks - and talk about life, lifestyle, events, clothes, toys, kids, work, school, and anything else that might come up. A Munch is an EXCELLENT first experience for a newbie, and is a nice way to meet new friends.

For more information of what to expect at a "normal" Munch - we have provided a copy of Jay Wiseman's well written description (with permission)



Please note: each munch has it's own rules and flavour - YOU are responsible for reading and following the rules for each




The London munch starts at 7 pm (till 11pm), and they're held on the THIRD Tuesday of each month


  • 3rd Tuesday of EVERY month (check your callendar)
  • 2nd Floor at the "Barking Frog" - located at 209 John St (at the SW corner of John st. and Richmond st.).
  • Everyone is allowed to attend (unless you have been banned).
  • The Munch is FREE to attend, but you must pay your bill if you eat or drink.
  • The venue DOES NOT KNOW WHAT WE ARE INTO - dress vanilla please - those who dress "goth" or wear corsettes, or spiked dog collars regularly - are asked to tone it down for the Munch (this isnt about you or your specialness, this is about us being welcome back at the venue - we have lost 9 venues so far).
  • All adults - 18 and above

  • NO reservations, RSVP's, or special invitation is necessary to attend this free event; all adults are welcome
  • NO Children - no babies, no toddlers, no infants, no children, no under-age teenagers; 18 years old MINIMUM.



Every 3rd Tuesday - Check the EHBC Calendar Page for the date of the next one.

All in, or interested in - the Pan-sexual, Pan-kink, BDSM alternative lifestyle - are invited to attend the BDSM London Munch.

All in, or interested in - the Pan-sexual, Pan-kink, BDSM alternative lifestyle - and at least 18 years old (adult) - are invited to attend the BDSM London Munch. Singles, Couples, Triads, (Adult) Families, or Others,,,, Straight, Bi, Gay, Lesbian, Uncertain, or Others - are all happily welcome.     

Our Munches are informal social gatherings where you can sit down and share some food and drink with like-mind people. We offer a safe relaxed social gathering for those of us interested in this lifestyle, both singles and couples, with a wide variety of ages and interests. Munches are recommended as the best first step for those who are new to the lifestyle.

No scening (SM, CD, D/s, M/s) or play is allowed to occur at a Munch. This isn't a Play Party, isn't a Fet Night, or a dating service.

Dress is casual everyday clothes - NO KINK or FET ware is ALLOWED; it isn't about YOUR kink, it is about all of us keeping OUR Venue. This includes no Cross Dressing, no dog collars (casual collars only - that would pass as jewelry) - PLEASE TONE IT DOWN. We are presently in the 9th London Venue, so please respect our simple rules; London is a VERY conservative town, and we have lost venues due to people wanting to express their kink and individualism and having no concern for others.

As a rule of thumb - if your collar would look normal on a dog - it would be recognized by vanillas as shocking - thus over the top (sorry). Again we are not judging your kink, this is all about keeping under the radar in Canada's most Conservative city - thus keeping our venue. Another rule of thumb for us is - for our friends who are transitioning from male to female - you are welcome once you alter your life to living female full time (that is who YOU are, thus we welcome you); if you are bio male and live bio male - that is what you are expected to be at the Munch.



As the Munch is a casual get together in a NON KINK FRIENDLY public setting; I have set the basic rules to be as follows;

1/ No Obvious Fetish/Lifestyle wear - we DO NOT have a kink friendly venue (casual public collars only please). This isn’t about YOU; it is about keeping our venue. OBVIOUS collars (such as dog collars or spikied collars) will be asked to be removed, Jewellry'like ones such as light chains etc are welcome. The Munch is a place to TONE DOWN dress, and fit-in, be discrete, not make a fashion statment or should that you are kinky to the world.  

2/ No toys OR play OR scenes allowed; no show and tell, OR gifts, OR sales, OR deliveries, OR kneeling on the floor, OR spanking, OR flashing, etc etc etc. Those who cannot control themselves, or save play till they get home, will be asked to leave.  

3/ No vending.

4./ NO Camera's, OR Pictures, OR Video ZERO TOLERANCE, ZERO EXCEPTIONS. Please be careful when looking at your smart phone - if you look like you are taking pics,,, you will get talked to (people get nervous if they THINK you are taking their pic).

5/ Be polite and discreet with the vanilla serving staff; do NOT try to "convert" them, they are VANILLA at work, so please pause kinky talk when she is at your table serving.   

6/ and have fun.  


If you are new - I recommend arriving as close (if not a few minutes prior) to 7pm - it is MUCH less nerve wracking to walk into a room of 3 people than it is a room with 90 people (we average 90 to 150 people).

Everyone BUT THE SERVING STAFF at the Munch is kinky (it is OUR PRIVATE SPACE)


If you recognize someone you see

  1. relax, they are there for the same reason as you, and
  2. do NOT run up and shout out their real name - many people use scene names and their real name might be held strictly private (it isn't for you to share with others).

The BDSM London Munch is held the THIRD Tuesday of each month - 2nd Floor (we have our own PRIVATE space) at the "Barking Frog" - located at 209 John St (at the SW corner of John st. and Richmond st.). We also share (with other patrons - be discreet) a wonderful 2nd floor (HEATED in the colder weather) outdoor patio for those who wish to smoke.

Enter the establishment at the John st. then entrance turn right and travel thru the dance floor (occasionally a "swing dance" group is there, just go thru them) the door leading to the stairs is in the far right hand corner of the dance floor - then go up the stairs and you will find us in our new home (2nd floor space called the Atrium Lounge"); Light bar type food is available (coffee or tea is not), well lit private space, comfortable chairs, access to the 2nd floor smoking deck, and our own regular friendly (but VANILLA) bartender. 

Ask for the Internet Group

Please BE DISCREET around the venue staff. You can check out their venue online (menu, description, etc) at http://www.barkingfrog.ca/home.php





The first Munch for the KW EHBC group was April 14th, 1993. A number of people from the London area attended and by the fifth EHBC KW munch; 2 of these Ladies - Lixil and shylynn (a well known Femme Domme and submissive pony girl respectively) decided it was too far to drive to KW for a Munch - and the following month, held the very first BDSM London group - London Munch.

The Birth of the BDSM London Munch was on the first Monday of the month, October 4, 1993. We thank Lady Lixil as well as pony shylynn for beginning the tradition we continue to this day.

Dark Angel inherited the BDSM London Munch sometime in the later months of 1999, and about a year later started the London Play Party (DAL) in October of 2000. As of Today; the BDSM London Munch is one of the 3 oldest BDSM Socials in a VERY active SW Ontario (EHBC, Steelfet, and BDSM London), and London's DAL is the oldest running Play Party in Ontario History (LANO was one year older, but became KNaNO under its present Host Bernie one year after DAL started - got him on a technicality - LOL).

We are presently in our 10th venue (PLEASE BE DISCRETE AROUND THE SERVERS or I will have to soon look for the 11th!). Smitty's pancake house on wellington was the first, then the Blue Moon cafe, followed by; the 7 Dwarfs, Mussolini's Oyster Bar, O'Brian's, One that DA can’t recall the name of, the Honest Lawyers', the Mongolian, and now in its present location (and finally we have been in 2 locations in the present venue now) - The Barking Frog (2nd floor "Atrium") - with our own private space, private bar, and a delicious menu (let's not forget $2.50 domestic bottled beer, all you can eat muscles, and 2 for one pizza !).

Today the BDSM London Munch has an average attendance of approximately 75 ~ 150 people (and growing). Each month sees several new people, and have an age range of 18 to "none of your fucking business" - LOL.

The London Munch is the OFFICIAL - Largest Munch in Ontario (and has been since 2007).

Please consider joining us, making new friends, and catching up with old friends - 7pm on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.


To find out when the next Munch will be held, Click on the Calendar Page.


If you have any questions regarding the BDSM London Munch;

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